Promises and Other Broken Things


Romance is a genre I usually steer clear of, because…well, because I don’t like reading it. Plain and simple. I don’t like a novel in which the sole focus is a romantic relationship.

But sometimes, novels sneak up on you.

Promises and Other Broken Things was one of them.

Maybe it’s because it’s classed as women’s fiction, or maybe it’s because it made me cry a lot (and hey, something’s gotta be going right if I’m dehydrating myself as I read), or maybe it’s because of the raw realism of the plot line, but whatever you want to peg it on, this novel had me hooked from the off.

Last thing I want to do is post a great long review detailing every happening on every page and spoiling the plot for everyone, so I’ll keep things short, sweet, and (primarily) vague.

The absolute selling point for this book, on top of Eades’ easy, confident writing and the emotional attachment so easily forged with the characters and the empathy for their situations, was the pure authenticity of every move and decision the characters made. It’s a near brutally honest account of the way love and life and choices work in the real world. Things don’t always go to plan. People screw up. People make bad choices for good reasons.

Ultimately, life is out of our control and every curve ball Fate or Destiny or Entropy brings out way has the potential to throw every careful plan and action off course.

And this novel? This novel is a startling eye-opener to that fact.

Please please please check it out; Promises and Other Broken Things by J.S. Eades. Available on Amazon now.

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